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She Hoops Network (Media Outlet)

The FAM - Social Media Management services did an amazing job on our account! They’ve increased our following on Instagram from 5,000 followers to 100,000 in less than one year on Instagram. This service has assisted us in becoming the largest media outlet for women’s basketball in the world. We were fortunate enough to benefit from their services and was able to sell our business in November of 2018 to a huge sports media outlet; Overtime Inc. Without the help of the FAM, the sale of She Hoops Network would have been impossible.


Tiffany Hayes

WNBA Player- Atlanta Dream

The FAM team has really helped me establish and build a brand for myself through social media. Their individualized plans and strategies are unmatched. Since I’ve been working with them, my social media presence has allowed me to obtain over 30,000 followers on Instagram which has also landed me numerous endorsement deals. They designed a logo for my personal brand and helped me start my own clothing line with an e-commerce website. My sales are much higher than I could’ve ever expected and my social media presence is now bigger than ever.  Overall they have exceeded all my goals and expectations.

Powered by Nature Herbs

E-Commerce Store

Powered by Nature- Our sales have been through the roof since we’ve started working with the FAM. We took advantage of their social media advertising services and our sales have tripled within 7 months of working with them! We didn’t have much of a social media presence, but after working with the FAM we learned the importance of using current and trending advertising methods which has saved us time and lots of money!

First Class Lifestyle Entertainment LLC (Record Company)

Working with the FAM has contributed to our business in incredible ways. Their teams are very proactive and walk you through each necessary step until satisfied. We shared our website vision with their creative team and they’ve elevated our vision beyond our expectations. After this experience, we decided to extend our contract and continue working with their social media and advertisement teams to aid us in providing exposure for our brand and clients.” View website  www.firstclasslifestyleent.com

Brianna Green

Harlem Globetrotter - Social Media Influencer

I’ve been consulting with Crenshaw Global over the past two years on ways I can promote my personal brand via social media. We’ve tried multiple strategies that fit my personal goals until we came up with the perfect plan. It seems as if they never run out of ideas to promote brand awareness. I’ve acquired several endorsement deals from multiple companies over this short period of time. Their personalized plan for my brand has helped me become one of the most known women’s basketball players. Using different social media platforms has allowed me to acquire over 100,000 followers.

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